Wednesday 30 January 2019

Rainbow pencils cross stitch design - Thank you card

Rainbow pencils cross stitch design - Thank you card

Colour Anchor Thread numbers
Brown 363
Black 403
Red 334
Orange 304
Yellow 290
Green 245
Blue 147
Purple 88
Indigo 85

Hello everyone,

Here is a quick design for a pencil themed Thank You card, such a card would be perfect for teachers.
I have also included a version without the text if you'd like to use it as a decorative patch, maybe for a school bag or pencil case for kids. If used on a school bag the child name could be sewn on to the design where the letters are using a simple backstitch font. This will will be a really fun way for your child to recognise their bag in the pile to make sure they are picking up the right lunch.

I recommend using two strands of black for the backstitch letters on this design so that it really stands out against all the different colours on the design.
You are welcome to change up the colours of each of the pencils, why not grab a cool selection from your thread ends to stitch these?

I have also made another pencil themed cross stitch design, this one is a little larger but just as colourful. Check it out here:

Happy Stitching everyone. :)

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