Wednesday 17 June 2020

Candle cross stitch design for Birthday cards

Candle cross stitch design for Birthday cards

Hello everyone

Today I thought I'd share with you all a small design of a candle. This design would be nice for birthday cards of course please feel free to change up the candles colours, maybe pick a colour to compliment the card you have chosen or the favourite colours of the birthday person.

This design is small so can also be used for a gift tag as something a little different to the usual gift tags or for a small envelope to present a gift tag inside.
With it being quick to sew I think I'll see about sewing this design on a few spare scraps of fabric to make some extra cards to sell for charity. :)

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Wednesday 10 June 2020

The Lovers of Valdaro - skeleton cross stitch design

The Lovers of Valdaro - skeleton cross stitch design

Thread numbers:
Off white
Black (used only for backstitch)

Note: You do not need to stick to my thread number recommendation, an off-white or very pale yellow shade would work for this design

 This is designed to be stitched on black aida, you can stitch all the black if you like but I would not recommend it as there is a lot of it.

Hello everyone,

I found a request for the Lovers of Valdario cross stitch design on one of my favourite cross stitch related Facebook pages. I'd like to say I hopped right to it but ended up spending a hour researching this fascinating historical burial.
These two skeletons are dated at approximately 6,000 years old found in a tomb near Mantua. The thing that fascinates people about them is that they appear to have died or have been buried in a lovers embrace holding each other even in death.
The pair are now displayed in the National Archaeological Museum of Mantua on display to the public.

I can't decide if this design should go in the Halloween category as it is skeletons or the Valentines category as some people consider the Lovers as symbols of eternal love so I'll put it in both categories.

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