Thursday 21 May 2020

Pretty orange mermaid with Blonde hair cross stitch design

Number Name: Comments Length / yd. Stitches
ANC 868 Flesh md Skin main colour 15.5 788
ANC 302 Citrus md lt Darkest hair shade, darker yellow colour on scales 11.76 598
ANC 295 Jonquil md lt Mid hair shade 6.73 342
ANC 324 Apricot md Tail and top main colour 20.2 1027
ANC 330 Melon dk Outlines 25.63 1303
ANC 2 White White of eye and teeth 0.26 13
ANC 292 Jonquil vy lt Lightest hair shade and lightest shade on scales 4.05 206
ANC 337 Terra Cotta md lt Shading on skin 4.64 236
ANC 1012 Chicory lt End of tail main colour 10.76 547
ANC 162 Sapphire md dk Light shade in iris 0.18 9
ANC 133 Blue dk Dark shade in iris 0.18 9

Chart is designed with Anchor colours, Suggested thread lengths are based on using two strands of thread on a 14 count aida. If you are using a diferent number of threads or aida size please adjust accordingly.

This design was based on an image found in the public domain here

Hello everyone,

Today I thought I'd share a fun cross stitch design of a pretty orange tailed mermaid, perfect for a fantasy lovers bedroom as a cushion or in a cute frame.
To add a little sparkle why not try replacing one of the yellows in the scales with a metallic gold thread?

I wanted to do a nice fantasy design which did not revolve around pink as you see that a lot on fantasy cross stitch so this made a nice change.
I have a few more ideas for mermaid designs so if you like to stitch fish tailed friends then keep checking back.

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Thursday 14 May 2020

Excel Saga - Anime Cross stitch design

Excel Saga - Cross stitch design

Full design preview

Colour Where is it used Anchor Thread numbers
Black Outlines and glove 403
White Highlights in eye, on collar and on tooth 1
Pale fleshtone Main colour on face 1009
Mid fleshtone Shadows on face 4146
Pink Tongue 8
Dark pink Inside mouth 10
Light blue Clothing 1060
Mid blue Sky behind character 159
Dark blue Details on clothing 131
Blue-grey Cuff on glove, shadow on clothing (above hands) 922
Grey Highlights on glove and glove cuff 900
Dark green Center of eye 246
Light green Iris 226
Dark orange Main hair colour 324
Orange Highlights on hair 298
Light yellow Highlights on hair 292

Hello everyone. This is a cross stitch design of Excel from Excel Saga
I chose to do this design after digging out an old denim jacket I had tried to embroider on with this exact picture. Its been in my cupboard for so long that it doesn't fit me any more.
However I still LOVE Excel Saga and want to show everyone this new design for the Excel Saga jacket (2nd try). Its only about 10 years after I started the first one.

For anyone who hasn't seen it Excel Saga it is a rather random and energetic Anime based on a manga comic written and illustrated by Rikdo Koshi. The author appears in every episode and declares what type of story it will be this time. It ranges from Horror and sci fi to a really cool Micky take of 90s western animation. (this episode is awesome) Then the characters have to carry out that episodes story within the confines of the new genre leading to certain hilarity each time. In addition this anime is very self aware and it plays with themes common in anime as well as this episodes genre.

This was actually the first Anime I really watched which wasnt one of the common kids shows around in the 90s. (like Pokemon) I knew very little of the tropes they were referencing and several references to other popular anime and manga flew right over my head at the time. However I still thoroughly enjoyed it and once Excel Saga started me on the path of being an anime fan I came back to it once in a while able to appreciate even more of the jokes, references and subtle nods to other media making this a series that many anime fans should at least try.

This anime does contain loads of specifically Japanese references but on the DVDs there is a cultural reference mode where a small pop up appears throughout each episode to explain references either to Japanese culture, media or subtleties in language which may not be apparent in the direct translation.This is a really cool feature to turn on while watching the series a second time. It'll really give you a few 'Oh so thats what that was' moments as well as a whole new bunch of laughs as a few more jokes just click into place. I also learnt a few things about Japanese culture along the way.
In addition on the DVD I owned there were two sets of English translations, one direct and one which is more tailored to a western audience. This means that some jokes are told in rather different ways in each of the sets of subtitles making it yet another way to rewatch the series (and like I need any more excuses to get out this set of DVDs)

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Thursday 7 May 2020

Just my luck - Unlucky Dungeons and Dragons player cross stitch design

Just my luck - Unlucky Dungeons and Dragons player cross stitch design

My finished stitch of this design, this design was made into a fluffy green cushion.

Hello everyone,

This is a design I drew for my boyfriend. When we play Dungeons and dragons together he often rolls a Natural 1 (critical failure) at the worst possible moment. At least it keeps the game interesting as we run away from the alerted guards. But then when everything turns to an utter shambles out he comes with a Natural 20 (critical success) and saves the day. The phrase Just my luck is something he says often when fumbling his rolls.

I have no suggested colours for this one. I unfortunately lost the original design file when my laptop broke but luckily I kept a back up of the pattern itself somewhere else to allow me to at least post this and actually finish stitching the cushion.

On my stitched piece the top right die is stitched with variegated thread. To create the swirled patterns I filled in the design by filling the gaps by stitching in curves instead of straight lines back and forth. This is an easy way to mimic a marbled design dice if you want to try adding one of your own luckiest or unluckiest dice in your collection

I recommend if the colour you choose for the dice ends up being too light for the number to be clearly seen then add some darker colour backstitch to make it stand out. You can see that I have done this on my stitched design on the bottom left dice outlined in a cheerful orange.

Much love and happy stitching

Gemma xx

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