Wednesday 15 March 2017

Spiral heart cross stitch design for Mothers Day cards

Spiral heart cross stitch design for Mothers Day cards

Hello everyone,

Heres a little sneak peek of the Mothers Day card I have just finished and will be posting out very soon.

For reference the top rose design is not one of mine, it came from a wonderful book called Crafting cross stitch cards by Sue Cook. The rose was originally part of a engagement card pattern but I thought it was so pretty by itself that I just stitched it without the rest of the Engagement card design.
If you like stitching cards I'd heartily recommend getting a copy of this book, its got a wide variety of small card sized patterns. You will be spoilt for choice for every occasion and terribly quick and satisfying to finish.

The middle section is a pretty piece of card. I'm afraid I cannot say where its from since it was a part of a big bunch of scraps I got given from a fellow crafter. It really helps fill in the card by using one of the apertures (minimizing the amount of stitching needed to fill the card if cards need to be finished quickly)

The final square in this card is filled with my own design. I wanted to stitch a heart but to get my card posted in time I didn't want to fill in the entire heart because I simply didn't have time. So instead I turned it into a spiral .

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