Wednesday 12 April 2017

Simple cartoony rocket ship - cross stitch design.

Simple cartoony rocket ship - cross stitch design.

Simple cartoon spaceship thread numbers

Colour Where is it used Anchor Thread numbers DMC thread numbers
Black Outlines 403 310
White Reflection on window 2 White
Blue Window 1062 598
Dark grey Window frame and colour of booster rocket 235 414
Light grey Main colour of spaceship 234 762
Red Nose and fins of spaceship 1098 3801

Note: The design was originally drawn in Anchor colours and a conversion chart was used to get DMC numbers. For the closest match the to original chart please use Anchor colours.

Size in stitches: 99 stitches high x 58 stitches wide
Stitched size on 14 count aida: 7 1/8 inches high x 4 1/8 inches wide

Hello everyone,

I hope you all like spaceships, I got an urge to draw yet another spaceship. I should probably rename the next month vehicles month and just run with all of the ideas for designs I've had which are to to with vehicles. To be frankly honest this week my drawing challenge was the statue of Liberty so after lots of research and at least 5 attempts I ended up closing my cross stitch program in a rage (without saving) one cup of tea later I then decided to draw something a little easier. 

This design is for people like my friend who likes to fill in between the lines. She tells me after a long day filling in large blocks of the same colour is relaxing (like colouring in) and she doesn't have to worry about checking with the chart, and just stitch away while watching a TV show before bed and keeping an ear out for the baby monitor. 

Anyway Much love and happy stitching

Gemma xxx

Reference image found in the public domain here:

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