Saturday 24 March 2012

Dr Who logo cross stitch design

Here is a Cross stitch design for the 12th doctors logo.

I am a big, big fan of Doctor Who so when given a challenge of making a large logo I could not resist.
I decided to leave this as a plain blue sketch to make it easier for beginner cross stitchers to make.

This design is 80 x 113 stitches so on 14 or lower stitch count the design will be quite large but possibly a suitable size for a cushion. I am going to be turning this into a small cushion to rest my aching wrists on after a long afternoon of cross stitching.

The logo used in the show and on the BBC website looks metallic and shiny. The easiest way to replicate this in this pattern is to use variegated thread (the thread that changes colour along its length) It is most suited to the blue and white or different shades of blue. This will help simulate the shiny blue of the logo without having to copy a very complicated chart. Alternatively you could leave this as a plain blue colour which still looks really nice and recognisable to fans.

Another cool trick would be to use metallic or a strand of metallic and a strand of glow in the dark thread together for the shape on top which represents the light on top of the Tardis. This will give it a shiny effect and make it stand out.

I am working on other cross stitch designs for Dr who and other favourite Science fiction shows. Pop back if you would like to see some more.

Doctor Who design links:
Classic Doctor Who logo
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This is a fan made pattern. I claim no ownership of Dr who or the logo since it belongs to the BBC


  1. This is really cool! Not that I'm any good at cross stitch, but hey, I might even give it a go... :)

    1. Good luck. If you are new at stitching renember to take it slowly and count all stitches twice. :D the worst thing is to make a mistake and have to unpick some stitches.

  2. can you email me a copy of this pattern?

    1. If you need the picture on your computer you can always right click on it and click Save Image as... in the menu that appears. This will allow you to save it anywhere on your computer you want.
      Though I'm not sure if this also works with phones which can access the internet.


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