Tuesday 21 August 2012

Cross stitch kit review: VW camper van by Fido Stitch Studio

Cross stitch kit review: VW camper van by Fido Stitch Studio
This is my finished picture of the VW camper vans kit by Fido stitch studio.
Check out their Ebay shop here: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Fido-Stitch-Studio

As you can see I loved this design so much I ended up sewing it nine times. Some of the colours shown here are not directly available in kit form so I substituted threads from my own stash while using the same pattern all the way along. However the kits are available in Green, pink, blue and red so it should not be too hard to find a colour you like.

The kit
The kit itself was packed in a fairly sturdy bag with a large label making it very easy to identify in my sewing stash. It also contains everything you need including a needle and pre-sorted thread which makes it a brilliant grab and go kit for short breaks or holidays. Each van is only 7x7 cm meaning it shouldn't take so long to sew either.

The chart
The chart and all symbols are printed quite large which makes it easy to read and follow while stitching.
I like the useful feature (not included on all charts I have used sadly) of having the colour of the thread described next to its number and symbol. Just in case your thread get a little mixed up.
There is quite a bit of backstitch in this design and its not always simply stitching along the crosses so be prepared to take it slowly if you are not too confident with more challenging stitches.
Stitches included:
Full stitches: Yes
Half stitches: Yes
Backstitch: Yes
Seed beads or other embellishments: No
French knots: No
Other more advanced embroidery stitches: No

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