Wednesday 8 August 2012

Trollface/coolface/Problem? Meme cross stitch design

Trollface Meme cross stitch design

Here is a fairly small design of the Trollface/coolface/Problem? Meme. Perfectly sized for a large card, coaster or a small cushion.

To find out about the origins of this particular meme check out its entry on Meme database here:

This face is used to represent someone who is being cheeky, trolling on the internet or simply up to mischief so why not stitch something to leave for an unsuspecting victim.
Why not Stitch a card telling a housemate you ate all of their biscuits or leave a little cushion on the sofa to reserve your own spot. Because of course you are trollin'

 Why not take advantage of this simplified troll face and build it out of black and white wool in Minecraft to tower over your friends fortress. I shall fill mine with TNT so when he tries to get rid of it he knows he has been trolled.

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  1. Hi Gemma,
    I just came across this and I think it's great! I like how he's slightly trolling by having the big squares made up of 15 stitches instead of 10. I was just wondering which program you use to make your designs?
    Cheers, Limpet

    1. Hi there Limpet.
      In most of my designs on this blog I am actually using Jane Grenoffs cross stitch design program for Windows 95. I found it in a Charity shop for 50p and its been great. I hadn't upgraded because I haven't felt the need to but I may try out some new programs at some point. I also use to sketch out a rough idea of the design before importing it into the cross stitch design program where I add the details.

      Thank you for popping by.
      Happy stitching :D


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