Thursday 15 November 2012

Pocoyo cross stitch design

Pocoyo cross stitch design 

I love Pocoyo, is is so cute, lively and enthusiastic. I could not resist drawing a little picture of him. If my friends little boy sees this I may just get pestered to sew it fro his bedroom wall. I think it would look really nice in a chunky blue frame.

ColourUsed in these areasDMCAnchor
Dark brownOutlines938381
Dark BlueClothing798131
YellowZipper pull444290
Dark PeachSkin tone372853
Mid blueDarker areas on train5971064
Pale blueLighter areas on train9641092

This is a fan art picture of Pocoyo. He and all of his friends in the show belong to Zinkia Entertainment and Cosgrove-Hall Films.

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