Friday 22 February 2013

Big Easter Egg Alphabet Cross stitch design

Big Easter Egg Alphabet Cross stitch design

 This is a whole Easter egg Alpabet design. Below I have also added all of the eggs without letters if you wanted to use your own Alphabet with them or just change the colours around.

My friends and I want to stitch a whole bunch of Coloured eggs on plastic canvas and add a bright ribbon to each one and use them for a lovely egg hunt all around the garden. We were going to use tiny chocolate eggs but my friends new terrier cute though she is would eat them all before the kids even got there. We are going to use the cross stitched eggs as tokens to swap for sweetie eggs so we can keep the sweets safely out of the way of dogs and perhaps an overly enthusiastic Easter Egg hunter.

For some more Easter themed Cross stitch designs:
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For more alphabets here are some links:

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Samplers, small designs and cards here:
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