Saturday 1 February 2014

Simple Designs for Cross stitched Valentines day cards

Simple Designs for Cross stitched Valentines day cards

Valentines day is nearly upon us but alas I found no designs I wanted to stitch on a card so I decided to draw something just for the occasion. 
There isn't a whole lot of time left so I wanted something simple but striking, plus the lovely boy I will be sewing it for isn't really much into cute pictures of animals or flowers. 

The two top designs would also make really simple bookmarks. Perhaps add a few more rectangles stitched in the recipients favorite colour and you will get a piece long enough for a bookmark in no time. How about using the square design for a sweet coaster to remind your loved one of you every day. 
To be honest these cute little hearts don't even have to just be for Valentines day. Change the thread colours around and it could also become a last minute Birthday card too. (Admit it, everyone's sewn at least one last minute card)

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