Friday 5 December 2014

Colourful Christmas crackers cross stitch design

Colourful Christmas crackers cross stitch design

Colour DMC Number Anchor Number
Red 606

Light Green

Hello everyone
Are you feeling Christmassy yet?

These designs have been really fun to draw. I wanted to make something which could be used individually as cards (or more per card if you like) or lined up together as a larger pattern perhaps for a cushion or a wall hanging. Of course these colours are just suggestions so change them up however you like. Take all your favourite colours or use up some of your thread scraps on these since it doesn't matter what exact colour they are. Crackers can be any colour you can think of.
Maybe I'll have a go at sketching some larger ones which look like the crackers you get in posh shops. For the grown ups don't you know. I do miss the toys in those crackers though you get nail clippers and screwdrivers in those. Its useful but not very fun.

This week I have been having rather long discussions on when we are supposed to put up the Christmas tree. She tells me Mid-December and no earlier.
I am however a little bit too excited to start decorating. Maybe I'll sneak a couple of Christmas stockings onto the mantelpiece this weekend.

I just am really looking forward to trying out my upcycled Christmas baubles. I made them last January instead of getting rid of the worn ones after Christmas, as it was the first Christmas in my new house a few of my family members gave me some of their old decorations so I didn't have to buy them from scratch. However since they were old ones they were a little scuffed in places and just a little untidy, but a bit of ribbon and felt later and they looked just like new.
Check them out here:
Upcycling worn out Christmas baubles

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  1. What a lovely design! Just found your blog while browsing for cross stitch pictures. Thank you for sharing. I will be back!

    1. Thank you very much. :) I do hope there are people out there who have as much fun sewing them as I do designing them. I could never sew them all.


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