Wednesday 21 January 2015

My stash of cross stitched Christmas cards for 2014

My stash of cross stitched Christmas cards for 2014

Hello everyone.
This week I thought I would show off the Christmas cards I made for last year. I could not post them before Christmas else my family who also read my blog would have the surprise totally ruined for them before the post got to them.
All of the designs sewn here are from one book: Two-Hour Cross-Stitch 515 Fabulous designs
I have also sewn some other patterns from this book, and written a review (can you tell I really enjoyed using it?)
If you want to know more about this book I have written a little review:

These cards are all decorated with some simple flower shapes I found in the pound shop near me. Whats nice about these that by picking the snowy colours (white and blue) they can also pass for snowflakes.
I'm thinking for next year I want to get I really cool Merry Christmas stamp for my cards. Would you believe all of the craft shops near me had sold out of that type of stamp in November when I went to have a look? So the only one I have is really small, it barely stands out on a card at all.

But then this will work best for big bold and colourful designs, it may look out of place with a very delicate stitch next to it. I shall have to invest in a larger bolder stamp to stand out on bold cards.

And finally heres a pair of Christmas cards. I just love the stocking designs in the book.
I chose this marbelled paper because my own fireplace happens to have a marbled design. This has given me an idea for using this type of card to make a cute fireplace with some stockings. I'll post the card up if it looks nice when I am done.

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