Friday 17 April 2015

Question mark maze - Cushion sized cross stitch design

Question mark maze - Cushion sized cross stitch design

Colour Used in these areas: DMC Number Anchor Number
Dark purple Circle outlines
Purple Circle background colour 3687

Dark Orange Question mark outline 971

Orange Question mark main colour 3827


Hello everyone
Heres another experiment in a cross stitch design maze. This time design is big enough for a cushion. I chose these bright contrasting colours but anyone stitching this can choose their own colours. Just be sure to make the thread colour used for the outlines of the maze are notably lighter than the colour used to fill in the maze. If the colours are too similar it will become very difficult to follow the path.

Alternatively it could be used as a maze in Minecraft. Just scatter a few dispensers filled with Zombie eggs to spice up the action and it could be a good multi player race level. Each section has multiple ways through it so a player could get through with a minimum of backtracking. Unless of course the person building such a maze wants to add a few traps or encourage getting to dead ends with some treasure chests perhaps with spare weapons, potions and food.

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