Friday 10 July 2015

Make a wish - Dandelion seeds turning into butterflies cross stitch design

Make a wish - Dandelion seeds turning into butterflies cross stitch design

Colour DMC Number Anchor Number
Dark grey 762

Light grey
Pink 956

Dark purple
Red 321

Dark Red 816


This design was drawn originally with Anchor colours in my program. Use anchor threads to get the closest match. I used a conversion chart to get the DMC numbers.
Please let me know if any colours are off and I will amend them in the chart.  

This one is a little complex so Im going to add some zoomed in pictures to help with sewing it

 Bottom Left

Top Left

Bottom Right

Top Right

Hello everyone

Here is a large cross stitch design I got the idea for while drawing Girl blowing a Dandelion. There wasn't room for this idea on the same picture but here is a dandelion being blown and the seeds slowly being turned into beautiful colourful butterflies. The dandelion is grey to make it a clear contrast with the brightness of the butterflies.

This design will be easy to substitute your own colours since each butterfly is a single colour. However when substituting colours be aware of replacing the grey colours with something too bright, you don't want to overwhelm the colours of the wings which are supposed to be the brightest part of the butterfly.

It can also be a brilliant way to use up small scraps of thread since it doesn't matter if every single butterfly in the picture is a different shade as long as you like the way the colours go together.

I may be using some of these butterflies as little cards since they are easy to take out of this larger design to cross stitch separately. :)

Happy stitching

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