Friday 18 September 2015

How to make a bloody hand print Halloween decoration from an old Christmas bauble

How to make a bloody hand print Halloween decoration from an old Christmas bauble

Hello everyone
Heres another tutorial on how to use your old and knackered Christmas baubles. In this case it is adding a bloody handprint to your bauble. The best thing about this is that your bauble can be as old, scuffed or worn as you have since this will only add to the finished look of the piece. I used a bauble which the gold colour has worn almost completely off on one side and it looks amazing.

What you will need:
A large old Christmas bauble (your handprint will show up better on a bauble which is not red)
Red paint
PVA glue (optional)
Some old paper to cover your table (this may get messy)
A cup to rest your bauble in to dry or a place to hang the bauble
Paint sealant spray (optional)

Also some really good soap to wash the paint off your hands when you are done.

Note: You don't have to use red paint if you don't want your handprint to look like blood. How about green/blue for icky monster slime? What about black/ brown for a scary creature which just crawled out of a murky swamp!
This is up to your imagination and the colours of your Halloween decoration and available old baubles about what you want the handprint to be from.

Step 1:
Place your bauble on a cup to keep it steady or hang it somewhere safe ready to dry. Since baubles have a convenient hanging loop I used a piece of parcel string to hang it from a clothes rack so it didn't roll away and get paint everywhere!
Don't forget to pop some paper under the drying area just in case any paint drips from your bauble.

Step 2:
Get your paint and cover your hand in it, either use a paintbrush to apply it (the tidier option) or put your paint on a plate and dip your hand in (the option my nieces far preferred)

Optionally I added a little bit of PVA glue to make the paint dry a little blobbier to make the handprint look more like partially dried blood on the finished piece. I found that with acylic paint having more than half of your mixture being glue make the colour in my paint not mix properly and became patchy. However this may be an effect you might want on your decoration so why not experiment with your mix if you are making a few of these?

Excuse the blurriness of the picture I had to use one hand to take the photo.
Also I scratched my nose at this point so ended up with paint on my face.... oops!

Step 3:

Grab your bauble tightly to allow the paint to transfer to it. I found this easier to do while it was hanging up but you can hang it up/ place it in a cup to dry afterwards but you will need a friend or parent with clean hands to avoid getting extra paint where you don't want it to be.

Step 4: (optional)
At this point you can spray your bauble with some paint sealant using the instructions on the packet. This will help your decoration last longer and be useful for many Halloweens to come.

Thats it! Its a really simple way to re-use your old and tattered Christmas baubles. After allowing your Bauble to dry preferably overnight it can be added to Halloween wreaths, placed with your spooky bone decorations or hung up around your house. I found a small collection looks great on a plate near your spooky themed food as a table decoration.
Don't forget to scrub your hands really well after you are done! :)

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