Friday 4 September 2015

How to make a Spiderman Halloween decoration

How to make a Spiderman Halloween decoration

Hello everyone, 
Its September so time to start on Halloween makes to ensure they are all done before any spooky parties at the end of October. 
Heres a cute way to re-use some old Christmas baubles for Halloween to make a decoration which will fit right in with your spooky spiderwebs without being too bloody or gory for a childrens party. 

What you will need:
A red Christmas bauble 
White and black Acrylic paint
Small paintbrushes
A cup to rest your bauble in as it dries
Paint sealant spray (optional) 

Note: If you don't have a red Christmas bauble you can cover a differently coloured bauble in red glitter or use Red acrylic paint to cover it.This is a good way to use up baubles which are too scuffed to use on your Christmas tree as they are. 

Step 1:
Ensure your Bauble is clean and free of dust then rest your bauble on your cup, this will stop it rolling away as you paint it and keep it secure as it dries. 
Take your white paint and paint on Spidermans eyes as shown in the picture below. If you are using a shiny bauble you may need more than one layer to stop the red of the bauble showing through. Let the paint dry and add another coat of white if you need to. 

 Step 2:
Using a thin paintbrush make a black outline around the eyes.

 Step 3:
Inbetween the eyes paint a thin pentagon (check a picture of Spiderman for reference) and radiating from this shape paint straight lines as shown in the picture below.
You can stop the lines half way around the bauble or wait for the front part to dry and carry on the lines around the back of the bauble. Be careful not to turn the bauble over before the lines have dried because you will risk smudging the ones you have already painted.

Step 4:
Finally once your radiating lines have dried paint the slightly curved lines inbetween each one. Remember they all curve towards the pentagon in the center of Spiderman's face. If you continued the radiating lines to the back of the bauble remember to add these curved lines to the back once the front has dried.

Step 5: (optional)
Once all of the paint on your bauble has dried spray it with your paint sealant following the packet instructions. This step is optional but the paint sealant will help make your bauble last longer and keep them looking good for years to come.

I hope you all enjoy this simple tutorial, please feel free to comment with your Halloween decorations. I'd love to see them all.
There are more decoration tutorials to come, so please pop back for more.

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  1. OMG These are so adorable! I'm going to make these with my niece and nephew since they love spiderman! Thanks for this ^^
    Have a nice day~

    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

    1. I hope you have loads of fun painting them. I know I did. Just had to make sure I had a right sized cup to stop the bauble rolling away. :)


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