Wednesday 15 June 2016

Artist spotlight: Geeky Clean - Power-up your bath time with geeky themed soaps

Artist spotlight: Geeky Clean - Power-up your bath time with geeky themed soaps

Hello everyone
This weekend I had the pleasure to meet the wonderful stall owners behind Geekly Clean at this years Yorkshire Cosplay Convention. I have been wondering if I should call them artists or potion makers in this spotlight due to the delightfully geeky theme running throughout their products.

If you happen to spot a Geeky Clean stall at a convention I heartily recommend taking a little browse through and perhaps taking a sniff of some of the testers since everything smelled amazing! However if you can't wait for their next convention appearance they also have a website to order from:


Heres a few of the lovely things I spotted at the stall.

Yes that is Nuka cola flavoured lip balm in the background, with a sweet cola scent it will be hard not to use up the whole tube in a short time. I'm fairly sure you won't need any RadAways after using this lip balm though. 

At the front of this picture is the oddly named Unicorn Poop sugar scrub, though trust me it has a delightful vanilla and strawberry smell. For this item I got help from my lovely niece Chloe to tell you all about it. 

Chloes corner
Hello everyone, its Chloe here to tell you all about the Geeky Clean Sugar Scrub
The Unicorn Poop scrub is a pretty purple colour and even comes with a little sprinkle of pink glitter on top. My friend tells me that unicorns do fart glitter but only after they have eaten a rainbow so this comes from well fed unicorns. 

To wash my face with the scrub I only needed a little scoop so this pot is going to last for a long time. 
The scrub has little bits of sugar in it to help scrub all the dirt away (not that my face is that dirty). As soon as I started to use it it had a vanilla and strawberry smell which was not too strong. Even as we sit in our Pjs afterwards I still smell like a nice pudding and my face is all soft. 

These are some cool bathbombs, the Pokebombs and Pony Bombs contain a little surprise inside of a small toy which will only be revealed after the bomb is popped into water. The Sorting Bomb contains a small charm representing one of the Hogwarts houses from the Harry Potter books/films so why not pop this in your bath and see what house the bomb has sorted you into!
The Hey listen bomb is full of glitter which will turn your bath into a sparkly treat, luckily Navi does not come with it. I don't think I could relax in my nice bath with the call 'Hey Listen' echoing around the bathroom!

These look like they are going to be loads of fun particularly when convincing the geeky kids in your life to get into the bath. The only problem will be hiding them so they don't accidentally get used all at once!

This is another of my absolute favourite products. It has a nice refreshing lime scent to accompany the Cthulhu green colour. 
After a couple of uses I can confirm that I have not yet fallen into madness so this should be safe for even the most mythos savvy adventurer. Since Geeky Clean products are vegan friendly and do not use any ingredients tested upon animals so we can be assured that no animals or Great Old Ones were harmed in the making of this scrub. 

Give yourself a +1 cleanliness bonus to Charisma by washing with these generously sized soaps in Health, Mana and Poison varieties. After a hard day battling orcs and goblins you can clean up and take home some sweet loot in the form of a D20 dice hidden inside each bar. 

There are loads of other products on the website I havn't even had time to talk about here, including candles, fabric freshening sprays and salt scrubs. I heartily recommend checking it out here:

I'm off to wash up for bed with my lovely new scrubs so bye for now
Much love and happy stitching
Gemma xx

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