Friday 4 November 2016

Fur topped stocking Christmas card cross stitch design

Fur topped stocking Christmas card cross stitch design

Hello everyone,
Its that time of year again where we all start stocking up on our Christmas cards. There are just so many to send that I tend to make a few at a time all throughout the year. This was an idea I had for a quick motif to sew so I can get a one or two done in a nice evening of sewing.

For those of you wondering, the robin is from World of Cross stitching Magazine and the bauble at the bottom is just a circle filled in with verigated thread to create the colour pattern inside.

Stocking design to add a fur top

On this design I have left off the regular furry top of the stocking so that a regular piece of craft fur can be added instead. To do this simply cut a small rectangle of craft fur and sew it on after sewing the design on aida. Don't forget to use thread which matches the colour of the fur to ensure it looks neat when finished.

After the fur us sewn on the piece can be mounted to a card in your preferred fashion for cross stitch. In these pictures I have used apature cards but this can go on the front of s flat card if needed.

Theres no thread numbers for this one since this design will work with almost any colour so pick one you like or have a little bit spare from other projects.

Fully Cross stitched stocking design

If you would prefer your card to be fully cross stitched here's a version of the pattern with the top in cross stitch

This is a design I've certainly had fun sewing and I hope you do too, :)

Much love and happy stitching
Gemma xx

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