Wednesday 18 January 2017

Valentines cards cross stitch design - love

Valentines cards cross stitch design - love

Hello everyone,
Its that time of year when crafters get their Valentines day projects ready for their special somebody. :)
So I thought I'd draw a nice simple design for a cross stitched card. I have no recommendations for thread numbers on this one since it can be stitched in any shade you like. While a nice bright red can be traditional for Valentines designs it can be stitched in any colour. Alternatively each letter can be stitched in a different colour for a really colourful finish. 

Have a great valentines day weather or not you'll be celebrating it with a special somebody or just having a nice day to yourself. (Stitching maybe?)

Much love and happy stitching. 
Gemma XX

Inspiration for this design came from a picture in the public domain here:

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