Friday 2 June 2017

Cute red fox cross stitch design

Cute red fox cross stitch design

Colour Anchor Thread numbers
Orange 316
Cream 386
Brown 380

Hello everyone,

Today I'd like to share a cute red fox design, this will make a nice easy stitch if you like to fill in a whole lot of one colour. I am unsure if this design may need two skiens of orange but I may just stock up anyway. You can never have enough threads, right?
I'd make this as a awesome cushion suitable for a modern styled room or for a animal loving person to have in their room. (in my case it would be among the dozen fox plush I have)

When I have a design with a very large area to fill I sometimes like to experiment with Variegated threads, it makes the whole stitch very interesting as you just never know exactly how its going to turn out until you are all done. Best of all if someone else tries the same pattern and same threads your stitch will still be totally unique since verigated threads never turn out the same way twice.

Much love and happy stitching
Gemma xx

Reference image for this design was found in the public domain here:

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