Friday 15 February 2019

Space Explorer with Union Jack flag cross stitch design

Space Explorer with Union Jack flag cross stitch design


Thread numbers:

If you would like to make the Space Explorers suit to be more white make the following changes:
Replace ANC 231 with ANC 1
Replace ANC 399 with ANC 231 

Hello everyone,

Today I have a design for a spaceman holding the Union Jack. This was designed with a space loving little boy in mind. Since hes from the UK he loved to have a space man holding this flag as he imagines one day he will plant this flag on the moon or another distant planet just like Neil Armstrong planted the American flag many decades before. 

Hes even been training for his space mission with all the enthusiasm that a 10 year old can muster. (which is a lot to be honest) He insists on eating healthy food and even though he has never been fond of broccoli once his mum told him that is so full of vitamins he was determined to eat it.
Hes been making sure to be going to his football practice every week and practices against his cousins at every opportunity as he thinks this is a good way to be fit enough to go through astronaut training. 

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