Friday 22 February 2019

Yellow duck in the rain cross stitch design inspired by The Little Yellow Duck Project

Yellow duck in the rain cross stitch design inspired by The Little Yellow Duck Project

Hello everyone,

This sweet little Yellow Duck is enjoying the rain and splashing around in a puddle while wearing her cute little wellington boots. 

The design was inspired by The Little Yellow Duck Project, check out the web page here: 

The Little Yellow Duck Project has a simple aim, to encourage people to share acts of kindness.
Crafters can create little yellow ducks to leave around your local area to brighten up someones day, each duck should have a label attached encouraging the lucky finders to add their find to the map on the website. There have been ducks found all over the world including tiny islands and even Antarctica. 

While on the website the finders are encouraged to pass along a kindness of their own. They can also find out about blood and organ donation in their area as an example of something kind they can do if they are able.  

There are many ways to contribute by making a little yellow duck using a variety of crafts, the website has a whole collection of free patterns for embroidery, knitting, crotchet and now some cross stitch designs. 

This duck is only one of the designs I drew for this charity. In fact there are another 6 little yellow duck designs to download.  Why not head over to The Little Yellow Duck project website to find out all about this wonderful cause and download the PDF from the patterns list page to see if you can use your cross stitching skills to help out. To find the patterns head over to and click on the patterns drop down menu to see everything available. 

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