Saturday, 21 April 2012

Classic Doctor Who logo cross stitch design

Classic Doctor Who logo cross stitch design

I'm showing my age here but I remember running to find the best place on the sofa when I saw this come on.

I was never scared of the old Dr Who, my Dad always explained how the special effects were done.
However in the new series I must admit the weeping angels really got me. Coo I almost fell of my chair in fright that episode.

This design is one of a couple I'm considering for another Dr Who mad friend. Will post more when I'm done.

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This design is fan art to share with other Cross stitching Doctor Who fans. I claim no rights to the characters or show as it belongs to the BBC.


  1. Could you email me the pattern for this? My boyfriend would love it if I made this.

    1. Hi there. I'm glad you like the pattern are you able to right click and save as on the picture to get a copy? Not sure how it works on mobile devices but this should work on a pc.