Monday 30 April 2012

My little pony cutie mark cross stitch designs

My Little Pony - cutie mark cross stitch designs

Rarity, Pinkie pie and Applejack

Designs of the cutie marks of three of the main characters in the new My little pony, Friendship is magic series.
For each of these three I also included their name in a font which I thought represented their personalities.
Rarity has an elegant and flowing font. The swirls are inspired by her flowing main and tail and of course she is elegant and sophisticated.
Applejack has a straight forward font. She is down to earth and doesn't like any fancy nonsense. The colour matches the colour of her coat.
Pinkie pie loves to party and to be honest he is very random in her actions. (always with the best of intentions) so I went crazy with her font and added cakes and her famous party cannon. 

As always I claim no ownership of the characters. Just posting some fan art in cross stitch design for all you cross stitching Bronies

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Gummy the Crocodile in a formal suit

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Cross stitch designs

Spike the Dog
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  1. You have made 1 little girl (and therefore me) very happy. I'll have to stitch in secret but my daughter will adore these (and you did Derpy!)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. This gives me even more reason to do the cutie mark designs of the rest of the main characters. And perhaps some of the side characters too. :D

      Good luck with keeping your stitching a secret. Its a hard job sometimes.

    2. Thank you for putting these patterns up. My daughter will be very happy. Best get stitching!


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