Friday 18 May 2012

Finished arsenal Logo cross stitch

 Finished arsenal Logo cross stitch

 This is a cross stitch made for two football mad boys. The logo comes from this website:

Take a look this design is very nice and not too difficult. Lots of arsenal logo designs I looked at were very large but this one is just right. Plus the logo is so recognisable and simple even when half finished people (football fans in the pub) cane to ask if I was sewing what they thought I was sewing.

To go with the logo I designed two sets of Arsenal kits. The red kit is the Home kit and the blue is Away.
I am going to add the names of the boys one above each football kit and their date of birth under the logo itself.

Try taking the Football kit outlines I have used here and changing it the the colours of your favourite team. A simplified version of each teams kit colours can be found by searching for them on Wikipedia.

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