Sunday 5 January 2014

Upcycling worn out Christmas Baubles

Upcycling worn out Christmas Baubles

Hello everyone did you all have a lovely Christmas Holiday? 

This year I moved house and had no Christmas decorations of my own so I got a selection of baubles and tinsel from family members which is very kind of them. 

However some of these baubles were from the back of the attic and a bit scuffed, dented and untidy. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth I used some of my craft stash to make the baubles look nice. Heres a few examples of some very easy ways to make an old set of baubles look brand new. 

These two baubles had a scuff/ discoloured area area around the middle. I simply glued a complementary ribbon around the middle to hide it and made a bow out of more ribbon to glue on over the top of this. The ribbon was placed to cover the join where the two ends of the first ribbon met to make it look neat. 

This bauble was not damaged but just a little plain and did not match with the other colours on the Christmas tree. So a good friend of mine kindly painted this bird on the bauble using glitter glue over a sticker stencil. 

Before you begin it will be wise to set up an area for your bauble to dry. You wouldn't want it rolling over the table and spoiling all of your hard work (and perhaps also the tablecloth). The baubles should be painted on one side then left to dry before painting the other side to avoid smudging the side you had already painted. I rested each bauble inside a cup to keep it still as it dried which worked quite well. 

These two baubles were covered in small scratches and bumps where the silver colour underneath  was showing through. It seems my Dads cat had been playing with these one Christmas. 
All I did with these is cut out a whole bunch of heart shapes out of felt and carefully glued them over the most scuffed areas then added additional felt shapes in the gaps  so that the shapes are evenly spaced all over the bauble.
If you want to try this yourself its very simple you can use a complementary or contrasting colour and any shape you can think of. If you have one large scuff try gluing on one large felt shape to cover it up.

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