Saturday 18 January 2014

Sumomo - Chobits Cross Stitch Design

Sumomo -  Chobits Cross Stitch Design

Colour Used in these areas: DMC Number Anchor Number
Black Outlines 310 403
White Eyes, hat 5200 1
Brown Eyes 838 1088
Peach Skin 739 387
Dark Peach Shadows on skin 842 388
Pink Clothing 225 1026
Dark pink Shadows on clothing 937 268
Purple Hair, inside mouth, bikini, ends of scarf, shoes 3726 1018
Light purple Highlights on hair 3743 869

This design was drawn originally with Anchor colours in my program. Use anchor threads to get the closest match. I used a conversion chart to get the DMC numbers.

Please let me know if any colours are off and I will amend them in the chart.

This is a cross stitch design of Sumomo from the anime Chobits. Sumomo is an adorable little Persocom. A Persocom is a computer which is in the shape of a person since she is so small she has the processing power of a small computer or netbook rather than the higher processing power of the larger human sized computers.
Sumomo is not only adorable in looks but in personality too. She is cheerful, energetic and occasionally plays a very small instrument as an alarm which is so cute.

If you havn't heard of this show it is a highly recomended anime to watch. It is available on youtube for free if you want to try it out. There are only 24 episodes so it won't be hard to get through like some of the multiseason epic animes about (thinking of Dragonball Z here with 291 episodes and 16 films!)

Chobits is created by Clamp and the anime produced by Madhouse studio. This is a fan art design to share with other fans.

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