Friday 11 July 2014

Craft book review: Fashion Trims: Customize and Create bespoke clothes and accessories

Craft book review: Fashion Trims: Customize and Create bespoke clothes and accessories

Book title:

Fashion Trims: Customize and Create bespoke clothes and accessories
ISBN: 978 1 906417 05 5

What is it about?
This book contains a fabulous selection of ideas for making your own accessories or jazzing up clothes and accessories you already have. Each project has step by step instructions with photographs each step of the way and a picture of the finished item worn by a model so you can have a good idea of what the finished project will look like.
The majority of the projects use only ribbons, old clothing and various beads making these projects low cost to make but still beautiful to wear. Other projects which can be made from scratch will need extra fabric but again if you have old clothing you wish to decorate you can use that and decorate it according to the instructions, only needing to make from scratch if you want a very particular colour or look to your items.

Who is it for?

This book is suitable for anyone with basic sewing knowledge some projects are easier with a sewing machine but a number can be done by hand if you don't have a sewing machine. I would recommend this book for anyone who really wants to add individual flair to their clothing and accessories. While each project is a starting point by simply changing the colours, types of beads or just using the techniques on different styles of clothing a very unique wardrobe can be put together.

Any extras?

Along with a few of the projects to be made from scratch there are templates ready to to be enlarged on a photocopier or manually scaled up for your own projects. I personally like this touch to make it easier to get started.
There is also a simple chapter explaining basic techniques. I have found these useful on their own as it contains instructions on how to make some of the trims out of ribbons which can be used in a variety of ways or on your own designs.

My favourite project in this book:

It has been so hard to pick a favourite project from this book. Can I cheat and pick a whole chapter?
Personally I am very fond of the chapter on bags. It contains a mix of projects to make from scratch and several ideas of how to very simply update an old and boring bag. In particular there are some awesome ideas for old woven baskets. I definitely want to use these tips from the shopping basket
project (page 100) to spruce up a picnic basket to use this summer.
I must admit this review is very positive because this book is definitely in my top ten favourites on my crafty book shelf.

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