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Craft book review: Cross Stitch Angels: Over 30 inspirational designs

Craft book review: Cross Stitch Angels: Over 30 inspirational designs

Book Title: Cross Stitch Angels: Over 30 inspirational designs
A David & Charles book

ISBN-13: 978-0-7153-2375-5
ISBN-10: 0-7153-2375-X

In a Nutshell what is this book about?

This book as suggested by the title specialises in cross stitch designs of angels for a number of occasions. The designs are drawn by a variety of designers such as Sue Cook, Clare Crompton, Maria Diaz, Joan Elliot, Helen Phillips and Lesley Teare. This gives a wide variety of styles to choose from.

Who is this book for?

I would recommend this book for intermediate and above cross stitchers, Many of the designs in this book are quite large and detailed so could take a while to sew. The smaller card sized designs can include some fairly detailed backstitch and the inclusion of seed beads and charms. This creates some very beautiful designs but needs a little bit of skill to pull off just right.
While I would not call this a perfect 'first book of cross stitch' for those picking up the craft I'm certainly finding it a worthwhile addition to my book collection.

What is included in this book?

As mentioned before the charts in this book are all angel themed. Each design is represented with a large enough grid that I did not have to use my magnifier at all. The charts have coloured blocks with symbols only when similar shading colours are used so they are very easy to read.
There are a variety of occasions represented too such as Birthday angels for each month, Christmas cards featuring gold metallic thread and an absolutely gorgeous wedding design featuring an angel in a flowing wedding gown. This design makes me wish I was a faster stitcher I doubt I'd get this one done in time for a wedding. (maybe I can make it in advance)
With each set of designs there are suggestions on how to turn your stitching into items such as pin cushions, cards and wall hangings. As a cute bonus throughout the book are short but sweet angel quotes from proverbs to philosophy. Do you think anyone will notice if I used some of these in my next set of cards? I don't think I'll be stuck for the perfect thing to write in an angel themed card again.

My favourite project

Without a doubt my favourite project in this book is the Victorian angels A-Z. I started a few of these as cards when I felt like a challenge with backstitch and beads One thing I like is that each angel in the alphabet is different. In some alphabets I find if a motif is repeated on too many letters some names or phrases can end up repetitive but with this one you only need to take care for words with repeated letters but its not too hard to replace one angel for another or change the colour of the hair and dresses in these designs.

I made up a couple of the Angel cards for my Nan and Stepmum if you want to take a peek I have posted them here:

 For the Buzy Bobbins Index page Click here.

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