Wednesday 17 September 2014

Cross stitched angel cards

Cross stitched angel cards

Here are a pair of lovely angel cards I made. One for my Nan and one for my stepmum who both love angels and pretty flowers.

The patterns are from the angel Alphabet collection in the book Cross Stitch Angels: Over 30 inspirational designs

I have written a review of this book if you want to know more about it: here

I just loved the addition of the seed beads to help make the flowers and the angels crowns sparkle. In this design I used some matching seed beads from my stash but the book contains some recomendations for matching bead colours. Be prepared for the backstitch on these fairies if you wish to sew them. The facial features are made from tiny detailed backstitch and there is quite a bit of backstitch over the wings and dresses of each angel.
I mounted these stitches in a plain aperture card because these designs are detailed enough not to need lots of extra colour around the card.

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