Sunday 5 October 2014

Simple sweet themed Trick or Treat bag for Halloween cross stitch design

Simple sweet themed Trick or Treat bag for Halloween cross stitch design

Hello everyone,
This is a simple cross stitch design for a trick or treat bag. I was originally going to have a really big pile of sweets but theres not much time to sew something complex now.
This is going to be sewn for my Nephew. Its his first Halloween where he is allowed Trick or Treating and hasn't decided what costume to wear yet. His lovely big sister is going to take him to the store to find him a hat to wear and he is ever so excited. Maybe next year when he decides a little earlier what costume he would like I'll design him a loot bag which goes with the outfit hes chosen. Maybe I'll just do a few of the costumes hes considering just in case.

Since its his first year trick or treating we have asked our good friends in the area who is going to be in so he and his big sister can knock only on houses where we know who is inside. We are going to give them a little bag of sweets to give him so we know what will be in his bag at the end of the night.

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