Friday 27 February 2015

Pink bunny silhouette cross stitch design

Pink bunny silhouette cross stitch design

Colour DMC Number Anchor Number
White 5200

Hello everyone,
Heres a early Easter design. Above is a large bunny designed to be really simple to sew with only a few colours for those who like to fill in large gaps.
Below is a smaller version of the design to use for cards or other smaller decorations.

I think that this bunny design could be used not only for Easter though. Wouldn't it look very cute as a pillow for someone who loves pink or rabbits or both?
I can't wait for this years Easter egg hunt, though this year my Dad has two adorable but very excitable border collie puppies who will no doubt join in the fun. So we won't be hiding the chocolate around the place in case the puppies decide to have a snack but tokens for the kids to swap for chocolate when the hunt is over. This means we can add all the tokens into a group pile and ensure that everyone gets the same amount of sweets. We don't want one very good Easter egg hunter taking all of the sweets for themselves and leaving none for everyone else.

This year Uncle Charlie wants to make sure that the Easter Bunny itself comes to visit. I'm not sure how he is going to pull this one off especially with several excited kids looking for it very closely. I'll update when I get him to spill the beans (or should that be jelly beans) on how hes going to give the bunny an appearance. :)

UPDATE: For the next bunny and part of Uncle Charlies plan heres a link:

For the Buzy Bobbins Index page Click here.

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