Wednesday 24 June 2015

Girl blowing a Dandelion cross stitch design

Girl blowing a Dandelion cross stitch design

Colour DMC Number Anchor Number
Light grey
Dark grey

This design was drawn in Anchor first then changed to DMC using a conversion chart.

This design was inspired by the following picture:  by Jessicah Tam
It is used under the creative commons licence linked below.
Creative commons licence:

Hi everyone
This week I wanted to draw a peaceful, thoughtful design. I went with a silhouette style because of its simplicity, too much colour inn the design made it feel cluttered and buzy. I tried to add colour in the form of hair extensions, small details such as an earring but every time my friends came back that the simplest unadorned version was the one they liked.

The colours above are a suggestion, however theres no reason why the black has to be black like a shadow. If you wanted you could mix it up and have it a colour to match the room you want to display your sewing in.

Happy stitching

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