Wednesday 4 November 2015

Cute advent calendar Motifs Cross stitch design

Cute advent calendar Motifs Cross stitch design

1. Cracker
2. Bauble
3. Present
4. Candle
5. Kitten in a Christmas hat

6. Bell
7. Happy Penguin
8. Teddy Bear
9. Santa's Sleigh
10. Blue Story Book
11. Warm Mitten

12. HO HO HO
13. Rudolf the red nosed reindeer
14. Colourful wrapped present
15. Angel 

16. Christmas tree
17. Blue Glove/ Mitten
18. Jar of cranberry sauce
19. Christmas wreath
20. Blue and white Bauble
21. Pink Sweet (raspberry flavour do you think?)

22. Star
23. Stocking
24. Snowman with scarf
25. Merry Christmas

Colour DMC Number Anchor Number
Grey 762

Green 772

Red 606

White 5200

Brown 3341

Pink 963

Light yellow 3078


Hello everyone
This design is a request from my cute niece who wanted an advent calendar design which will be cute but easy to sew. I made sure there are only a few half stitches and no back stitches so perhaps she can tackle this one on her own. (though I will help if she asks)

Each design will be sewn onto its own piece of Aida then we will use them to patch onto small gift bags. Then we shall fill the bags with a piece of candy for my niece and her sister each day. We were going to put them all on the Christmas tree but of course we were not allowed to put the tree up before the 1st of December since it was too early. So instead we have decided to line them up on the bookshelf until we get to Christmas tree decorating time then the rest can go on the tree.

I may be using a few of these designs for my Christmas cards this year. However I will be leaving off the Advent numbers and for the animals holding signs I will turn the signs into a present since that will be easy to do. :)

Have a Great run up towards Christmas. I hope everyone gets all their Cross stitching done in time. Its awful to stay up until a silly time in the morning on Christmas eve because then you can't get up at 6am with all the children who are ever so excited about Santas visit.

One year I stayed at my Nans house with a whole load of our family and friends. At 6 in the morning the children could not contain their excitement any longer and all came rushing down the stairs. I was on the sofa (since all the beds were full) so of course they all come barrelling into the sitting room bouncing on the sofa and very thoroughly woke me up. It was so lovely to see their excitement since its been a long time since I was small enough to get so excited about Santas visit.
So I had to convince them all that we cannot open presents until after breakfast and perhaps we cannot start singing carols until the parents have woken up. They gobbled down their cereal as fast as possible and I wasn't sure how to delay them just a little bit longer.
But you wouldn't believe it we looked out into the garden and saw a small line of hoofprints in the flowerbed. The children were so delighted to see them and rushed outside (still in their Pajamas I might add) to take a look at the hoofprints left by Rudolf. There was even a half eaten carrot under Nans rosebush. I could not believe it.
So after convincing the kids to at least put their shoes on we looked around the garden for any more clues that Santa and his reindeer had visited. There was a ribbon caught on the shed door and some glitter near the flowerpots. So we played detective until the adults got up later.

I did not dare ask about where it all came from else I would spoil the fun for the children so I spent the whole day not knowing at all where the hoofprints came from. Until the kids had all gone to bed. That was when Uncle Charlie explained that he had 'Borrowed' Granddads lucky horseshoe to press into the dirt in the flowerbed and of course he had left all of the other clues for us to find.
It was such a lovely idea. It kept us all busy as was the intention. Though he wasn't too happy about having to half eat the Carrot since he doesn't actually like them.

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