Wednesday 25 November 2015

How to make cute upcycled bunting from left over wrapping paper

How to make cute upcycled bunting from left over wrapping paper

Hello Everyone,
Being super organised this week I had a whole bunch of presents to wrap and found myself with small scraps of wrapping paper left over which were not large enough for any of the presents. So I came up with this idea to re use the wrapping paper into cute decorations.

This project only requires a little cutting and sticking so could be a great rainy day make with kids who are old enough to use a glue stick and scissors.

What you will need:
Scraps of left over wrapping paper
Card (I used the card from old cereal boxes)
A glue stick or PVA glue
A long piece of string or ribbon
A hole punch, a normal circular one can be used or a shaped one as long as it does not cut too close to the edge of the card.

Step 1

Cut out the shapes for each piece of the bunting out of the card/ cereal box. To make them all the same you can use a template out of paper or card to draw around.

The shape does not have to be triangular, it could also be squares, rectangles, Christmas tree shapes or anything you can imagine. They could also be different shapes all along the bunting if you wished as long as they are roughly the same size just let your imagination run wild!

Step 2
Next glue your shapes on to the spare wrapping paper. You may want to plan this so the prettiest bits are in the middle of your shapes.
Then let the glue dry a little. Once its dry cut out the shapes.

At this point you could just leave one side with paper on or put another piece of paper on the back of each shape if the bunting is to be hung somewhere where the back could be seen. Or simply as a way to reverse the bunting for a different look.

Step 3
Using your hole punch make a hole in both sides of the cardboard shapes and thread your ribbon or string through each hole as shown below.

I used ordinary parcel string since its strong but won't distract from the colours on the wrapping paper. However a complimentary ribbon is sure to look great here, just use whatever you have spare.

How hang up your bunting by the string. I hung mine over the mantelpiece but it can also hang across walls, shelves or other surfaces. :)

Have fun crafting everyone!

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