Wednesday 13 January 2016

Beagle puppy portrait - simple cross sitich design

Beagle puppy portrait - simple cross sitich design

Colour Anchor Thread numbers DMC thread numbers
Black 403 310

White 1 5200

Dark Brown 380 838

Light brown 901 680

Dark grey 235 414

Light grey 399 318

This design was originally drawn in Anchor threads. A conversion chart has been used to get the DMC thread numbers. To get the closest match to the picture use Anchor threads.

Hello everyone
This year I have challenged myself to draw a few more animals in particular different breeds of dog since they are recognisable but all so different.
Today is a simple sketch of a Beagle puppy, while a beagle may have more shades of brown in reality I used the minimum amount to make it easier to sew. If you have a particular dog in mind it should be easy enough to change the shade of brown or the shape of the stripe on its face to match the lovely dog you know.
This design also has whole stitches only to make it good for a beginner who is looking for a larger project to sew.

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