Wednesday 27 January 2016

How to make wool covered letters - fun kids crafts

How to make wool covered letters - fun kids crafts

Hello everyone
Today is an easy make to use up spare scraps of wool, it can be made with kids with a little adult help.

The lovely little house in the photo is my super cute cottage from Cutsie Cottages. Here's a link to their Facebook page: Click here
This cottage now has pride of place on my mantle piece and thought it would be a super cute way to hang up these colourful letters.
I have also done a little unboxing post on my cottage Check it out here

What you will need:
Wool (I used a few scraps from different colours which was left over from knitting a rainbow scarf)
Glue (PVA works just fine for this make)

Step 1:
Decide what word you want to make, this can be anything you fancy. I chose the word Love since its near Valentines day but this also works great with names or other sentiments.

Cut out the letters from your cardboard and make a little hole somewhere near the top of your letter for hanging it up. This is the step which will definitely need adult supervision if the kids involved in this make are not used to using scissors.

Step 2:
Thread a piece of the wool through the hole and secure it. Leave the ends loose for now as this will be where the letters will be hung from.

Step 3:
Now for the fan part :)
Cover your letter with a thin later of glue. It may help to use a glue spreader for this but if you don't have one a small scrap of the remaining card can be used instead.
Then wrap the wool around the letters. You can make solid colours or stripes, just mix it up with the scraps you have until you have covered the whole letter.

Step 4:
Depending on what letters you have in your chosen word or phrase you may end up with letters such as this E where it is hard to completely cover some areas in wool.

However this is a perfect opportunity to cover this gap with a matching charm. I chose a nice button but you can always use other charms or make a tiny pom pom out of your spare wool.

The last thing to do is to hang up your letters somewhere where they can look pretty, dont forget to pop them in the right order :)

Thank you for joining me on this simple kids tutorial I hope you all have lots of fun making this one. I definitely had a blast using up some of my wool scraps. My lovely Niece Chloe wants to use up a little more wool to make a name sign for her door, I think this is a fabulous idea :D

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