Friday 15 January 2016

Cute bear in a hot air balloon - Cross stitch design

Cute bear in a hot air balloon - Cross stitch design

Colour DMC Number Anchor Number
Pink 957

Blue 598

Yellow 745

Brown 975

Light brown 3776


Hello everyone
This week we have a cute cross stitch design of a teddy bear riding in a Hot air balloon. I used some bright colours in this one so could be a fun wall hanging or cushion. However the balloon can be any colour you like so why not just use your favourite threads for this one?

This little design was inspired by watching hot air balloons fly by with my nieces, they were very excited by the colours on each of the balloons and how gentle they seemed floating in the sky. So when we got home we cracked open the box of colouring pencils and set about designing a whole bunch of our own hot air balloons. This one is a collaboration from all of us. We all picked a favourite colour and agreed that a cute teddy should definitely be riding inside of it.
According to the girls the Teddies name is Jasper and he is flying to pick up his friends on the way to a nice teddy bears picnic. The picnic will have cakes and fizzy pop as well as little triangular sandwiches, though there was much discussion about what teddy bears like to have in their sandwiches. Though Honey is a definite favourite, I imagine the girls think that because we have been watching Winnie the Pooh lately. :)

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