Wednesday 17 February 2016

How to make a Squirtle Squad decoration - Christmas bauble upcycling

How to make a Squirtle Squad decoration - Christmas bauble upcycling

Hello everyone,
Today I will be showing you how to turn an old Christmas bauble into a cool Squirtle Squad decoration. I know this tutorial comes a little late for Christmas but you don't have to put this particular decoration on the Christmas tree since it can be used any time.

For those who don't know the Squirtle Squad are a gang of hooligan Squirtle shown in the episode 'Here comes the Squirtle Squad' They wear glasses and cause trouble. I can't help finding these guys adorable particularly when the Squirtles later become fire fighters.

What you will need:
A Christmas bauble
Some black or blue scrapbooking foam
Black, white and pink acrylic paint (also blue if your bauble is not already blue)
String or ribbon
Craft glue
Paint sealant spray (optional)

Step 1:
If your bauble is already blue skip this step. If it is not you will need to get your blue acrylic pant and cover it all over. I find it helps to place the bauble in a egg cup to keep it still while you paint it. A freshly painted bauble rolling over your table is sure to make a mess.
Allow your bauble to dry thoroughly.

Step 2:
Pick which of the Squirtle Squad members you want to make and cut out the shape of the glasses out of your scrapbooking foam. Here I have made the leaders glasses in black but its just as east to do the normal squad members glasses with two circles of blue foam.

Note: Keep in mind the size of the bauble you intend to use when deciding how big the glasses should be. The bigger the bauble the bigger the glasses to make them in proportion to the bauble. If you are unsure what will look right try a few test shapes out of paper before cutting the foam.

Here I'm making the leader of the Squirtle Squad so used the shape of his pointed glasses.

Step 3:
Now we are going to include the shine on the glasses.
Use your white acrylic paint  to paint the stripes on the glasses for the leader or the circles included on the glasses on the rest of the squad. Be sure to take a look at a reference picture of your chosen Squirtle for an idea of placement.

Note: Some types of foam can absorb paint a little. If you find that the stripes are not as prominent as you'd like them to be just pop on another coat of paint to help them stand out.

Step 4:
After ensuring your original coat of blue paint is dry. Next its time to paint on the mouth and nose.
Take a look at the following reference picture for an idea of the mouth shape. I found it easiest to paint on the black first then fill in the pink for the tongue after the black paint as dried.
The nose is just two little dashes above the mouth in black paint.

Note: As before to keep your bauble stable it can help to place it in a cup or egg cup to stop it rolling around.

Step 5:(optional)
Once your paint has fully dried you can optionally use paint sealant spray according to the packet instructions. This will help stop the paint from chipping off if the bauble is dropped or handled but if its only going to be hanging up you may be fine not using it.

Step 6:
The last step after everything is dry, Paint, and sealant spray if you used it. is to glue on the glasses above the painted mouth and nose.
Hold it in place until the glue gets tacky then leave it to dry before hanging your new decoration up.

So there we have it an idea to make a lovely deocration based on one of my all time favourite episodes of the Pokemon cartoon. I hope you all enjoy making this one as much as I did.

Much love and happy crafting
Gemma :)

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