Friday 26 February 2016

How to make a Minion Birthday card

How to make a Minion Birthday card

Hello everyone,
This month I made a sweet Birthday card for my friend who is a big fan of the Minions so heres a little tutorial on how to make your own.

What you will need:

Glue (I used a glue stick, Ignore the PVA in the picture I took that before I found where I put the glue sticks)
Scrap paper
Black felt tip pen
Grey Felt or paper
A yellow card (hopefully you can get a matching yellow envelope)

Paper in black, white and brown though you may want green if you wish to make a card designed around Bob, to use for his one green eye.
This cute lil' guy:

Step 1:
On your scrap paper draw out a set of circles.
You will need one large circle for the eye, a smaller circle for the iris and an even smaller one for the pupil.
Then a circle which is larger than the eye with another inside for the goggles.
I used several cups to  draw around

Cut these circles out and ensure that they fit onto your card. if they are too big or too small try drawing some more circles on the scrap paper until you feel it is right. This will help you save your coloured paper for the final card.
Renember if you are making a card of a minion with two eyes instead of one the two eyes are generally smaller than one so make the circles smaller for this variation.

Step 2:
Take the ring for the goggles and use it as a template to cut it out of your grey paper or felt. If cutting out of felt it is easier to do so if you pin the paper to the felt to keep it still as you cut.
Then cut out the rest of the circles
The largest in white
The middle one in Brown
The smallest in black.

Step 3:

Take your card and round out the top two corners as shown in the below picture.

Step 4:

Glue the white circle on to the card slightly above half way up.

Step 5:

Next cut two rectangles of black paper. They need to go between the edge of the white circle and the edges of the card when glued on. These represent the band which holds the Minions goggles on.

Step 6:
Glue on your circle of grey paper/ felt, make sure it covers the edges of the white circle and no white peeks out from behind it. 

Step 7:

Glue on your Iris and pupil and allow the glue to dry before the next step.

Step 8:
Now for the fun part, take your black pen and draw on the mouth and hair of your Minion.
It may well be a good excuse to re-watch the Minions movie to work out what expression and hair cut you want to use. :)

Step 9:

Finally don't forget to write inside your card. Here are a few Phrases in Minion language you may find useful for this:

Minion language -> English

Bello -> Hello
Para Tu -> For you
Bi-do -> I'm sorry
Poopeye! -> Goodbye!
Muak Muak Muak -> Kiss Kiss? 
Banana! -> Banana! 

Alternatively try out this fun website for more message ideas:

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  1. Cool! The minion language is a nice touch. :)


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