Tuesday 8 March 2016

Unboxing and review of Cutiepies' Hair bows

Unboxing and review of Cutiepies' Hair bows

Hello everyone
This week I gave Chloe (my beautiful niece) her birthday money a little bit early so she could get something nice for her Birthday party. So we searched around on Facebook to find someone who makes things which are lovely for her to wear since I follow loads of crafting pages.
We discovered the page for Cutiepie Hair bows and Chloe fell in love with them and almost immediately, she decided that a new bow was what she wanted to wear for her Birthday party. She ended up stealing my phone to look at all of the pictures of the styles of bows and posts showing available ribbons.

Find their facebook page here:

We ended up ordering a total of 5 ribbons so here is Chloes little review on the pieces she received. Under this will be the grown up stuff like price, postage and ordering written by Gemma

Bow review by Chloe

Hello, My name is Chloe and I am here to tell you all about my new bows which were ordered from Cutie Pies Hair bows

This is the Captain America bow I asked for, I can't believe how cool it is. It includes a big shield and Captain America all over the ribbon. 
Theres a shiny edge on the ribbons which makes the bow all sparkly. 
I got to choose the ribbon, theme and clip for my bows, there was an option to have extra feathers but I decided not to have those. It was great to look through all of the pictures to find ribbons I liked best. 

This is my Spiderman bow. It was so great I got to ask if  Cutiepies' Hair bows had ribbons and decorations based on my favorite heroes. I didn't know if I should go for Hello Kitty though since there's a whole load of Hello Kitty ribbon in the pictures on the page. But my birthday party will be Superheroes do I definitely had to pick Spiderman.

The biggest problem was that I had a hard time picking which one to have but I only had so much birthday money to spend! Theres loads of pictures on the page to look at so I got a few Ideas.

The grown up stuff by Gemma
So of course there are a few things I'd need to mention for the grown ups who may be ordering a bow (or a few bows) I'm going to point out right away that ordering was super easy, as Chloe mentioned before the lovely artist behind  Cutiepies' Hair bows makes it really easy to choose a style of bow, favorite ribbon and type of clip you'd like it on. I just sent a message over the Facebook page and was able to find out what clips were in stock.

I find being able to choose the style of clip very helpful, this allowed me to choose the Barret clip for Chloe which is the type of clip she normally uses for her hair so we don't have to work out how to use a new clip style.
Chloe: Yep, because Gemma's only just figured out how to do my hair in a way that looks nice using my regular clips. :D
Gemma: It would be easier if you stopped wriggling around while I'm putting your hair up you banana :p

I ordered a Jack Skeleton bow for myself though, when I saw it in the Halloween ribbon list I just couldn't resist. 

In addition we had an unusual request of something Halloween themed, well that was unusual since I ordered in March but we wanted to dress as creepy cute dolls for an upcoming fancy dress party. Luckily I got a few pictures from Cutiepies' Hair bows which let Chloe and I pick from the (surprisingly wide) selection of Halloween ribbon and charms still available.

These are the bows we ordered for Halloween, we could order a matching set but in two different colours.

Its not obvious from the pictures I've posted but I must point out that the quality of these bows is amazing. Everything is very well stuck together and none of the items I ordered felt flimsy. Its great that I can give these to Chloe and know its not just to fall apart the first time she wears it. There's a small bit of gluing but this is all well hidden by ribbon or on the back of the bow giving a nice neat finish.
Lastly the clip itself is supported with an extra piece of ribbon which makes it really secure.
Heres a lil pic of the back of the Spiderman bow the black ribbon helps hold the bow on to the clip nicely.

As for the price I'm going to be honest and say that I was pleasantly surprised on this factor. I'm not going to list what I paid since I imagine it varies a little depending on the style of bow/ clip you choose. However I will say that I could have spent the same amount in a clothing shop or even more in a specialty accessory shop for clips which are just the same as all of the others in the store. So to be honest next time I want some bows for a special occasion or as a present I think I'll just come back to Cutiepies' Hair bows for something which is totally unique

Just a small note on postage, my bows came in this neat little box and really clearly labelled so no problems there. The box did not indicate where it came from so this will be really great if you need to order for someone in your house without raising suspicions if its meant to be a surprise. 

So my final verdict is to take a look and see if any of these bows would appeal to you or someone you know, I had a great time ordering and using them and will definitely be back for more. :D

I heartily recommend checking out the Facebook page, there are regular posts including bows and sneak peeks at new ribbons and charms which is a wonderful way to add colour to any Facebook wall. 
Find their Facebook page here:

That's all for now, much love and happy crafting from Gemma and Chloe xx

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  1. wow! what can I say? I'm so very pleased and humbled by your kind response. may I just say many,many thanks for your kind words and feedback . I am truly blessed to have lovely customers such as yourself. Please pass on to Chloe that she is welcome to pop over to my wee page any time and i dearly wish her every success in her ambition to be a blogger xx Many thanks for your custom x


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