Friday 18 March 2016

Dinosaur relaxing on a sunny beach cross stitch design

Dinosaur relaxing on a sunny beach cross stitch design

Colour Used in these areas: DMC Number Anchor Number
Black Outlines
Yellow Sand and sun
Blue Sky 3761

Green Dinosaur and leaves 702

Red Dinosaurs shorts and flag on sandcastle
Brown Palm tree trunk 301

Dark brown Palm tree details and coconuts 433


 Hello everyone,
So sometimes I think 'you know what Im going to draw something different' so this week I sketched this dinosaur (only loosly based off a diplodocus) relaxing at the beach and leaning on a palm tree.
The edges of the design are wavy to give the impression of a lovely warm sunny day.

Would you believe we (in the UK) actually had a few sunny days in March? its getting critical, we don't see much sun in our end of the country so people are already breaking out the sun tan lotion, someone even brought a towel into work to sunbathe in the car park. I think I'm going to have to stock up on cool drinks if this continues! but I imagine in a few days time there will be a thunderstorm and everything will cool off again.
Anyone for an ice bucket challenge? Or a barbeque? We got to make the most of unusual sunshine while its here!

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