Wednesday 2 March 2016

How to make a simple felt flower Mothers day/ Easter card

How to make a simple felt flower Mothers day/ Easter card

Hello everyone,
Today here is a quick tutorial for a Mothers day card just in case anyone needs something that can be completed before the weekend. Did anyone leave it a little bit late this year?
Don't forget in the UK mothers day is on Sunday March 6th this year.
In the US you have a little more time as Mothers day is not celebrated until the 8th of May, but still don't forget to celebrate your mother or any other wonderful woman in your life.

This bright and colourful card doesn't only have to be for Mothers day, it could also be a lovely Easter card too. This will make a nice change from the typical egg and bunny motifs while still being able to celebrate new life and the beginning of spring which we see around Easter time.

Without further ado lets get this tutorial started shall we?

What you will need:
A blank card and matching envelope (choose any colour you like or have handy)
A green felt tip pen or pencil
Felt in various colours (again choose any colours you like but be sure to include a nice yellow for the center of each flower)
Glue, I used a little PVA glue

Step 1:
On the front of your card draw some stems for your flowers. Try not to bunch the lines too close together so there is room for the flower heads.

Here I used little wavy lines for each flower and made all of the stems different heights. Different heights on your flowers is an easy way to space out the flowers a little more and to make the card a little more interesting.

Step 2:

Choose your felt colours to make the flowers. and cut out four or five small petal or teardrop shapes per flower.

Step 3:
Glue your petals around the top of the stems with the points facing towards the top of your green lines.
Do this for each one of your lines.

Step 4:

Lastly cut a small circles of yellow felt and glue them in the middle of each flower.

Once all of the glue is dry you card will now be ready to write a lovely note inside just in time to send to your wonderful Mother. :)

While making your cards remember you can make the stems any shape you like, here are a few examples of other things you can try.
Also you could use any spare green felt to make little leaves if you wanted to.

Thats it for this tutorial. I hope all of the cards get done in time. :D
Much love and happy crafting

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