Friday 12 August 2016

Artist spotlight: Zukiestyle - Beautifully bespoke fashion and pet accessories

Artist spotlight: Zukiestyle - Beautifully bespoke fashion and pet accessories

Hello everyone,
Last weekend I went to Newark Comicon and discovered the stall of Zukiestyle who makes lovely handmade pet fashion items and has a whole load of dog and cat themed accessories for the owners too!

This is a few of the many bandanas which Zukiestyle had available at their stall. Its worth noting that the bandanas some in a range of sizes so that you can find one which can fit the smallest puppy or cat to the largest breed of dog.

Why not make your pet your cosplay companion with these superhero themed Bandanas?
I'd like to make a little note on the accuracy and neatness of all of the symbols which are stitched on to the bandanas. Each one is beautiful work and there is no mistaking what each symbol is meant to be.

If your pet does not like to wear a full bandana Zukiestyle also has a range of collars in a variety of themes so you can pick the one you'd like your pet to help you support. I'm actually very fond of the My little Pony collars. :)

Do you love Pokemon Go and take your best friend pooch to help catch Pokemon?
Why not let your dog share the Pokemon love with this Pokeball bandana?
So if you can't catch them all you can at least take your stylish dog out on a Pokemon walk. I'm sure all dogs are appreciating the Pokemon Go craze right now. Even if they have no idea what Pokemon are I bet they are all loving the walks they are all getting.

Why not go for these super cute doggy toys and cushions? In fact I wonder if these come in sofa cushion size so I can show my love for all things canine on my sofa.

Zukiestyle even has some lovely plush models for their bandanas so you can have an idea of  how they will look on your own dog. I just love this little chap, he looks so very cheeky peeking over the edge of one of the displays like a guard dog.

If you don't have a dog or cat of your own but still love them why not check out Zukiestyles range of mugs and coasters? They come in a variety of breeds and styles so pick the doggy you love the best!

Anyway I hope Y'all check out Zukiestles web pages for some awesome dog themed creations

Here are the links:


By the way all of the pages are full of simply adorable pictures of pets. So even if you don't have a dog or cat of your own but still love our furry little companions its worth taking a look for the aww factor alone.

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