Friday 9 September 2016

Sheriff star badge cross stitch design

Sheriff star badge cross stitch design

Colour Anchor Thread numbers
Yellow 295
Brown 306

Hello Everyone!

This week is a nice cross stitch design based on a sheriff star. My friends little boy wanted something easy to stitch to do with his latest fascination with cowboys. So we are going to get this one stitched onto some plastic canvas to make him a really cool Sheriff badge for when he wants to play at protecting the Wild West.

I bet this one would make a really nice door sign your a young child who likes shootouts at high noon while stopping trouble in one horse towns! Just add the name in the same colour as the word Sheriff. Would anyone like this font drawn into a full alphabet by the way? I quite like how the tall and thin letters turned out.
I may just give that a go next time I get to sit down and draw. If I get enough requests I'll hurry up and make it the next Alphabet I post.

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