Wednesday 14 December 2016

Purple bauble with hearts Christmas decoration cross stitch design

Purple bauble with hearts Christmas decoration cross stitch design

Colour Anchor Thread numbers DMC thread numbers
Black 403 310

Purple 97 554

Blue 140 3755

Yellow 290 444

Red 334 606

Pink 54 956

Green 225 702

Hello everyone,

This is a cute little design for a cross stitched bauble. If you'd like to sew this for a Christmas card then you can leave on the little bow at the top of the design but if you'd like to sew this for your own tree just take the circle and decorations inside to sew on plastic canvas or back your aida with some nice colourful felt.

I decorated a Christmas tree this weekend, it looked so pretty with the baubles and tinsel though my friends and I ended up having a long debate on what order the decorations go on. So is it the tinsel first or the tree lights first? All we managed to figure out is that the baubles go on last else they get hidden by everything else.

The reference image for this cross stitch design was found in the public domain at the following link.

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