Friday 2 December 2016

Save the date - Wedding invitation card cross stitch design.

Save the date - Wedding invitation card cross stitch design.

Why not choose some thread colours which match the wedding colour scheme for this simple cross stitch?
Hello everyone,
This week I had the challenge of creating a Save the date cross stitch card design for my friends wedding. The design had to be fairly small and use only a few colours so that it could be sewn quickly. (since there will be many people who will be receiving this card so it will need to be sewn several times)
I'm not suggesting thread numbers for this one since each wedding will have a different colour scheme to work from. There's space for 2-3 colours in this design so enough for the main theme colours at least.
The last wedding I went to the whole theme was black and white with a little hint of dark blue. Sounds a little boring, I hear you cry! but actually it was so beautiful since most of the black elements were jazzed up on some way with glitter or sparkly black sequins so it looks more classy than monochrome. If your scheme has this element why not try sewing with some metallic thread for a little extra sparkle. :)
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