Tuesday 6 December 2016

Christmas Upcycling idea - gift tags from used Christmas crackers

Christmas Upcycling idea - gift tags from used Christmas crackers

Hello everyone,

Today I have been doing a little upcycling. Instead of throwing away some Christmas crackers I decided to use them as gift tags.

The cardboard that crackers are made from is sturdy enough to be used as tags and colourful enough that they make very jolly tags on their own. I used a little star hole punch to create a hole in the top of each tag, a regular hole punch can be used but I just love how festive the Star looks.

Finally I used my favourite Merry Christmas stamp on the back of the tags while leaving enough room to write the name of the person I'm giving the gift to.

On most types of cracker a small piece of string or ribbon is used as decoration so these are perfect for threading through the holes and using to tie your tags to the presents. I used this on a couple of the gift tags below.

These tags are made from scraps of card from three different crackers. By using patterns which compliment each other even a simple shape like the circles I have used here can look like a stylish addition to the basic gift tag shape.

These four gift tags are all made from the same cracker. The cracker was fully patterned so I cut out the best parts of the picture for each tag and didn't need to add any more embellishments. Not bad for something we would normally throw away after finishing off our Christmas pudding.

To cut out my gift tags by using my Fiskars Shape boss set since I found a really useful gift tag shape template. Don't worry if you don't have such a shape cutter. Why not take a gift tag you have and draw around it on the back of the cracker to give you the shape and size and cut them out.

If you'd like to make your own just save those crackers after your Christmas dinner and you'll have a whole lot of pretty coloured card ready to use. The card will have a little curve in it since crackers are bent into a circle but this will be easy to get out by storing the card flat and perhaps putting a heavy book on top to flatten it out. I used my copy of the Encyclopedia of stitches which is a very hefty tome.

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