Thursday 7 May 2020

Just my luck - Unlucky Dungeons and Dragons player cross stitch design

Just my luck - Unlucky Dungeons and Dragons player cross stitch design

My finished stitch of this design, this design was made into a fluffy green cushion.

Hello everyone,

This is a design I drew for my boyfriend. When we play Dungeons and dragons together he often rolls a Natural 1 (critical failure) at the worst possible moment. At least it keeps the game interesting as we run away from the alerted guards. But then when everything turns to an utter shambles out he comes with a Natural 20 (critical success) and saves the day. The phrase Just my luck is something he says often when fumbling his rolls.

I have no suggested colours for this one. I unfortunately lost the original design file when my laptop broke but luckily I kept a back up of the pattern itself somewhere else to allow me to at least post this and actually finish stitching the cushion.

On my stitched piece the top right die is stitched with variegated thread. To create the swirled patterns I filled in the design by filling the gaps by stitching in curves instead of straight lines back and forth. This is an easy way to mimic a marbled design dice if you want to try adding one of your own luckiest or unluckiest dice in your collection

I recommend if the colour you choose for the dice ends up being too light for the number to be clearly seen then add some darker colour backstitch to make it stand out. You can see that I have done this on my stitched design on the bottom left dice outlined in a cheerful orange.

Much love and happy stitching

Gemma xx

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